Has anyone given Weatabix?

My LO is constipated and doesn’t do too well with fruit otherwise I would give prunes. was thinking of trying weatabix but she has never had before
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I haven’t tried it with my youngest yet but I do think it works well for constipation as I have done it with my older child x

Just try and make it as soft as possible and give little bits and make sure you have a little bit of water in a beaker/bottle just incase x

My boy LOVES it! As Sophie said, make it as soft as possible! I didn't realise it was good for constipation, it explains alot of the nappies we've had since! I give my boy it with a bit of fruit purée, but that probably won't work for you if baby doesn't like fruit too much!x

Our lg has weetabix for breakfast, we use full fat cows milk and warm it up in the microwave. We don’t use it for constipation so cannot comment on that x

I gave my boy some Weetabix for the first time for breakfast this morning and so far he's been okay, he was a little constipated yesterday so I'm waiting to see if it gets his tummy moving. I did the same as Stacey and made it with full fat milk and popped it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften the Weetabix x

We give our LG it and she LOVESSS it! I make it with expressed breast milk. Also didn’t realise it was good for constipation so that’s good to know🙌x

My LB really struggled with weetabix then I found out they're not supposed to have it before 9 months as it's difficult to digest!

Yeah I’ve given our LO weetabix it’s fine I’m sure

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