At what point can we call if we think we have reduced movements? I’ve seen such mixed messages I’m 24 weeks and feel like her movements have really reduced but I saw that someone who was 24 weeks called up and they said it’s too early to know a pattern yet so I’m lost on what to do 🤦🏼‍♀️
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I went in last Friday at 24 weeks with reduced movement... if you think something has changed, call AAU, and they will get you to go in. At 24 weeks, they can't put you on the monitoring machine (they don't use it until 28 weeks), but they will take your obs and listen to the baby via handheld doppler. At least, that's what they did with me. I was also advised that if movements were reduced, increased or just generally changed in anyway to go in and get checked out.

I was exactly 24 weeks pregnant yesterday. I’ve felt her everyday very consistently since 17 weeks. Yesterday I felt absolutely nothing at all! I called the midwife and she recommended that I get seen to. Luckily everything was okay, heartbeat was perfect and she was kicking away as the Doppler picked it up but I couldn’t feel a thing. Baby was just very far down and tucked right into my pelvis. I would definitely push to get seen, but then I think it also depends when you started to feel movement with your baby as I felt it for the very first time at 15 weeks. Most of the time everything should be okay but I’d definitely get checked just to make sure!🤍

This says after 24. I’d follow the advice here and call if you’re still worried

I called up a week ago when I had just turned 24 weeks with reduced movement. They sent a community midwife out to me who used a Doppler to listen to the baby's heartbeat and movements. Everything was absolutely fine but glad I got checked and they were more than happy to check me over

I went in at 24 weeks, I’d felt constant movement and had 24 hours of nothing so they just took obs and heartbeat (can’t do the monitor until 26 weeks they said) but they checked everything else and they were just hiding behind my placenta but they were very keen to see me when I phoned and explain so I’d defo ring them up if you have any concerns x

I first went in at 21 + 5 days weeks!

I went in at 20 weeks and they saw me right away. X

If you’re worried then call the maternity assessment unit for their advice. I called when I was 23 weeks and they said that they don’t have a pattern but as I was concerned they said I could come in for them to do some checks. I went in and they took a urine sample, checked my blood pressure and temperature and used the Doppler to listen to baby’s heartbeat. I would never risk it if you’re concerned. The team are usually really nice and don’t make you feel like a burden x

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