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Hi everyone. So my boy has curly/wavy hair and sometimes it just looks frizzy. Is there any hair products to keep his curls in like any spray or cream? He looks so cute with his curls in his hair but his hair just looks so frizzy sometimes. And when he wears a hat and i take it off, his hair looks flat/frizzy. Im white and his dad is Arab/African. What would you recommend? I have no clue about curly hair or any products. Tia
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We use the brand CurlyKids in our daughters hair, their shampoo, conditioner and detangler spray. And we use Dream Kids leave-in conditioner

I have the same problem with my son's hair. My son is mixed African/British and i don't think this is helpful but I use coconut spray from boots and it works but it doesn't last long in his hair.

If his hair is always frizzy, try adding more moisturising products. I find leave-in conditioners to be the best for moisture. Also some shampoos can cause dryness, it’s all trial and error really. You just have to see what works for him.

You can try it, I personally found Cantu to be quite drying on both mine and my daughter’s hair, but for some people it’s different

We use cantu kids in the shower - I only use the shampoo, and we don't use it every day. And then we use cantu curling cream (leave in conditioner) when hair is damp after the shower. In the morning, we alternate between creme of nature honey scalp oil and afrocenchix sheen spray (the afrocenchix is mine, but it's good for kids, too). It has definitely been trial and error - she's 4, and we've only just settled into this, and I've no doubt it will change again once it starts getting heavier/thicker.

My baby has a similar hair texture to yours from what I can see in the photo and we use "child's farm' conditioner and leave in conditioner.

@Leonna so when would I put this in? After he's had a bath? Sorry for the silly questions, I'm just so clueless lol

@incognito you put curl creams/leave-in conditioners in after washing

@Leonna thank you x

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