What helps with indigestion? I’m 24 weeks pregnant and if I eat certain meals in the evening I will feel really full and sick all night and then usually will be physically sick in the mornings and sometimes even throughout the day. The last time this happened I had eaten enchiladas so I’m staying away from spicy foods but last night I only had a chicken stir fry with some chocolate for dessert and I’ve been feeling sick all night and morning! It’s stopping me from being able to do normal activities in the day and going to work because I feel so rotten! Any advice would be appreciated 🙏🏻
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I'm still feeling the same at 30 weeks😭 it doesn't seem to be the type of food but more the quantity - however I'm so hungry in the evenings and with work I do don't have time to eat little and often

I’ve experienced the same thing for the last two weeks, my midwife has recommended gaviscon advanced and it does help!

I had omeprozole, one tablet a day with all 3 of my pregnancies as my heart burn and reflux was awful. It's like a magic little pill and you can eat what you want then.

I’ve had bad reflux/indigestion this pregnancy and have been taking rennies and just gaviscon which are helping

I get prescribed big bottles of peptac liquid which is gaviscon. X

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