Anyone else super tired and irritable?

Obviously ups and downs in moods are normal but this last week I’ve felt so fed up, snappy and with absolutely zero patience for anything 😅 I’d finally started feeling good in the second trimester so it’s frustrating to have the tables turn. Maybe it’s just the hormones because my migraines have also come back with a vengeance 🥲 back to napping straight after dinner!
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I’m full of anger right now ! I feel your pain . Mood swings up and down constantly! No patience at all. Hormones girl 🙃🙃😞😞

Saaaame I thought I’d turned a corner but it’s like the beginning all over again! And the nausea is back 🥲

I am absolutely fuming today 😤 hormones are having fun 😒 🤣

I’m very snappy at my husband these days.

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