Tantrums and attitude

Omg anyone dealing with like an increase in tantrums and attitude. Is this another phase we’re going through ? I think I handle tantrums quite well but it’s the attitude that’s quite new. He’s repeating every little thing I’m saying 😂😂😂. Anyone gone through this and got through the other side?
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It's like there's something in the air 😅 we're going through it, and I'm at wits end. My boy also cry alot for nothing most of the time and talking like a baby. I'm thinking it's for attention cause I've got a 4 month old too. I really hope it's the end of Terrible twos and not an intro to threenager 😅😭

Omg I am so glad to see this 👏👏👏 My daughter is 3 on the 19th and I have also seen an increase in bad behaviour. The part I don’t understand is she is golden at nursery. It’s just on the house at home! She refuses to get ready, she throws herself on the floor and will scream to death until she gets her own way. I have had to contact the nursery and ask for some tips as I thought she may have an underlining issue. The nursery said she is fine but knows how to play up at home.

There is hope - we had an AWFUL few months. He’d even wake in the night, we’d go in to him and he’d kick off at us then! Hitting and screaming. He still has his moments don’t get me wrong but he is so much better. I think a lot of it was teeth related for us as he’s just got his very last molar through

Also I reintroduced a short Power Nap, like 20 mins max and he is better

Yes, my daughter will be three this Saturday, and oh my word!! Attitude, tantrums it’s all kicked up a notch recently. I also have a 14 month old boy who copies everything she does!! My cupboards are stocked with chocolate and wine, so one way or another I’ll get through it 🤣🤣

I feel you we are on week 10 and everyone is soooo fed up of it I feel sorry for our poor kitten and older brother too getting brunt of it !

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