Inducing labour

I’m so desperate to bring labour on naturally! Willing to try just about anything 🤣 Any suggestions? Does anyone know if eating pineapple actually works? *I’m allergic to dates so can’t eat them😵‍💫 37+5
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Sex, spicy food, my midwife even says small bit of wine or cider can help bring on labour, walking all I know I think

Spring clean the house ! My mum suggested it so I did a big two day clean up, lots of movement, bending, squatting. Went into labour the next morning

Walking & movement!! Stay active x

When I was trying to induce my own labour to avoid medical inducement (!) I drank raspberry leaf tea, ate the dates, burned clary sage oil in a diffuser every night, collected heaps of colostrum, got acupuncture 3 times and had 3 cervical sweeps. It didn’t start my labour but I did dilate to 4cm by 39 weeks so I could skip most of the inducement steps and go straight to breaking waters, and five hours later my baby was born!

I did everything. Nothing helped. I went into labour myself the day after my due date contracting every 10-25minutes Day after I had a sweep then 2 days after that another one. I got to 5cm contracting every 3-4minutes. I still went and did the food shop 😅 I ended up getting induced on drip as I stalled at 5cm. I didn’t even realise how often I was contracting as I couldn’t really feel all of them! Had drip for 12hours and baby was born

You could try nipple stimulation or reflexology . You’d have to eat massive amounts of pineapple for it to have any effect. Dates don’t bring on labour but they can help to prepare the cervix. I never bothered

Honestly walking will do it. I was 40 weeks granted, I went on a 3 mile walk not realizing I would have to walk another 3 back💀 and later that night I was in labor😅

Curb walking (one foot on the pavement and one foot on the road)! X

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