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Hey all 👋🏻 I’m having really bad pains when sleeping on my side. I usually sleep on my back but know that’s an issue later on in pregnancy, so trying to train myself to side sleep now. I’m getting awful pains in my leg, bum and back though and am waking up through the night in massive discomfort. Anyone else experiencing this or have any tips? Pillow between the knees isn’t working 😩
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Yes that’s me too. I’m trying a u shape pregnancy pillow but it’s so bulky in our queen size bed. I’m trying to pad my stomach/ side and put a pillow behind my back. But I’m up peeing all night and tossing a turning too. My doctor said just sleep on your back if you are comfortable. Have you asked your OB their opinion

Ah interesting! I’ve ordered one of the Bellamoon pillows, so will let you know if that helps at all! No, I’m seeing my midwife in a couple of weeks, so was planning to chat to her about it then

I’m experiencing the exact same problems, to the point it gets difficult to suddenly walk because of the pain. I have ordered a pregnancy pillow similar to the natty ones but doesn’t seem to be helping much. Definitely speak to your midwife and see what she suggests

@Gemma I have a bellamoon and have found it quite comfy! I’m only 13 weeks though so have put it away for now as it was just taking up too much room in the bed! 🤣

Glad the Bellamoon has proven comfy! I’m 13 weeks too, hoping the dog and husband don’t mind being squished by my enormous pillow 😂

@Gemma if your dog is anything like ours, they’ll end up claiming it as their own! 🤣

@Megan Moody was going to say the same, the 3 dogs here laid claim to my pillow a few years back with my first. Husband hated it...

Yes I did get horrible pain in my hips and bum with my first. So this time around pushing having to sleep on my side as late as possible and enjoying other positions while I can

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