Hey! Little man has his jabs next week and I just want to be prepared! Any tips?
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My little girl had them yesterday, gave her calpol but she never developed a fever. She was a little irritable a couple hours later then slept longer than she ever slept. Literally all day and night.. I had the best night's sleep 😆 she only woke for feeds but it was longer between feed than usual too x

Be prepared for the scream of the jabs Easy access baby grow Some people I’ve spoken too was told to give calpol before - I didn’t - only after Lots of TLC needed after Nice bruise / lump after Wasn’t a bad experience to be honest

Oh yeah, as above.. the scream. I cried 🥲

@Megan same I just picked her up and cuddled her 😢

Take the calpol with you & then you can give it straight after the injections. Easy access loose clothing. Set alarms for the 2nd & 3rd dose of calpol x

Thanks so much ladies! I’m terrified for it honestly 😢 I’m so protective 🤣 thinking I might grab some calpol just incase 🫶🏻

Definitely calpol liquid paracetamol 🙏 we had the first dose at the GP done by the nurse before the vaccine, second one 5 hrs later, third one 4 hrs later as she did develop a fever. Fever was a bit scary, but I put her on the breast to soothe her, took off her clothes, continued measuring temperature and tried to keep her (and myself) calm and feeding 🙏

I have my boy calpol 15 mins before our appointment and took a fresh bottle with us. As usual drs ran late so was about 30mins after his dose. The cry was heart wrenching, he was smiling seconds before. Then after she administered the stuff that goes in their mouth I fed him whilst she was writing her notes. It wasn’t that bad tbh. He slept most the day, and was a little irritable but absolutely fine the next day.

My LG had them yesterday, again gave Calpol on the waiting area, also nearly balled my eyes out when they put the needle in due to the scream my LG gave 😭 me and my fella treated ourselves to a KFC after to get over the trauma and thenspent rest of the day on the day on sofa cuddling as she just slept, I had to wake her for feeds and changing but she was so tired! She got a mild fever as well we're going to bed but Calpol took it right back down, so defo have Calpol on hand!! And if you can get someone to go with you for support cause it's worst on us than it is the Babs 😅 xx

@Korina-Louise my partner is coming with me but he’s at work the rest of the day. Health anxiety and postpartum anxiety aint it for this 🤣😭 my dad had said I can go to his the rest of the day/night to have company so definitely going to take up on that!!

@Georgia I don't blame you!! My fella is away for business on the second so I've already booked in with my mum to come 😅 I'd say the day was fine, just get cosy with a good box set and snacks at the ready, I loved it as I hadn't had a day like that since around week 4 for the sleepy cuddles and naps 🤣 you got this!! Xx

I balled my eyes out when I heard my little man scream for the first time I’m dreading it even more with my little girl she has the saddest cry in the world I nearly cry everytime she does because she just looks so sad!🥺😭😭

@Ashleigh my little one has just started with actual tears and it kill’s me when I change his nappy and he pouts his lip and starts crying let alone this 😭

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