TMI - pre labour diarrhea

Hi there, for those who had diarrhea as a sign of labour coming, how severe was it? For me it started last night and I’m still having very regular very loose (liquid 🙈) stools - not sure if it’s a sign of labour or illness! Wondered if anyone else had the same.
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I've not had liquid diarrhoea yet but I've had extremely loose stool for the last few days.... Yesterday I went to the toilet 8 times 😫😂 the joys of pregnancy, am I right 😂 x

Hiya!im wondering this,been trying yoga ball exercises to get things going im 41 weeks tried pineapple mango and on the raspberry leaf tea,ive been having this daily and some pains when i googled it this was mentioned as a symptom so fingers crossed it is!you got this mama xx

I had the same (I was due 27th March), started mid day last Thursday and I went like 11 times within 2 days but then it eased up.. I’ve been now and again over the last few days but I think it’s just because baby is sat low and it puts pressure on your bowels. It’s very normal from what I’ve heard but obviously not always as sign that labour is close as it’s been a week for me still and I’m not even dilated yet according to my failed sweep yesterday 🙈

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