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Have you ever flown with SunExpress and if so what was your experience like with a baby? I’m booking a holiday through TUI and the flight will be with SunExpress but I’ve never flown with them. I’m considering purchasing an extra seat for baby who will be 11 months old at the time, not necessarily for her to sit on it but just so the 3 of us have more space and no one else sitting next to us. The flight is just over 4 hours to Turkey, if you’ve done a flight with a fussy baby how was your experience and would you recommend getting the extra seat or will it make no difference?
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We had the same with a tui holiday and our baby was 12 months. We didn’t book an extra seat but there were spare seats so they let us move with no issues. ours was to turkey too so he did get fussy as it’s a longer flight. i honestly think flight attendants are good no matter what but it just depends on other passengers x

I’m going with sun express to turkey with 17m old in 3 weeks, (on the back) sun express give you a free 20Kg case for infant, if you book a seat you will also have to pay for a case which is something to keep in mind! I’m gonna try and book a extra leg room seat 🥰

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