Is it just me🤦🏽‍♀️😭

Yall for the past three days I can’t even drink water without getting heartburn. I’m 34 weeks two days and this has been eating my ass up. Am I the only one and do yall believe that this is a sign of hair bc atp if it is, I rather him be bald😭😂
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I’ve had horrible heartburn since 32 weeks I’m now 36 and still has not gotten better the only thing tht helps is Pepcid I got it prescribed from my ob

my midwife said she doesn’t recommend pepcid (too many possible side effects) & if you do tums to be sparing bc tums can actually cause kidney stones but i am 36 wk & have been dealing with the worsttttr heartburn since about 25 weeks. the only thing that helps is whole chocolate milk. it’s the weirdest thing but i swear by it. but when it doesn’t work bc it’s really bad then i take 1 tum & normally that does it. i try not to take them much

It’s definitely not just you 😭 I’m 36 weeks three days and I’m going through the same thing. My doctor prescribed me famotidine which after taking consistently for a couple of weeks has lowered my heartburn from 6-8 times a day to maybe 2-3, a major improvement. This baby better have a head full of hair!!

Me to! My heart burn is terrible- and I was told my baby has hair so maybe a sign but not for sure

I’ve been having horrible heartburn for almost the entire pregnancy

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