PP periods 🙃

Hey Girls I’m a FTM and a little bit confused! I had my little boy 5 weeks ago yesterday and bleed for about 3.5 weeks after having him and the stopped bleeding. I started bleeding again on Easter Sunday (about a week after stopping) it started off as dark brown blood but had now turnt into a bright red blood. My question is, is this still PP bleeding or is it my period? Maybe I was wrong in thinking it but I didn’t think my periods would start so soon after having my baby 👶🏻 Thank you in advance🤍
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It's different for everyone but I'd say that's probably still postpartum bleeding (lochia). It's quite common for the bleeding to reduce and then get worse again when you start getting more active. Wouldn't hurt to get it checked out with your doctor / midwife though.

I stopped bleeding around the 2.5 week mark and week 5 had my first period and then went back to my regular cycle immediately just on different dates as to what it was on before. You could definitely get it checked out as you should be due a 6 week check any day now xx

You can bleed up to 6 months randomly

@YazmynJade same!

Thank you so much girls! I’ll get it double checked at my 6 week appointment c

That should be normal i guess. Some people bleed longer times than other and there are different forms of lochia. Look up lochia rubra, serosa and alba. And see if any feels lik what you are having. Its a bit too eelarly for your period to return

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