What’s on your to do list before baby arrives?

I am 30 weeks pregnant with my second and starting to get things organised for baby’s arrival. What was on your to do list before baby’s arrival? I want to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.
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Organising clothes by size and freezer stash. I was hospitalised prior to baby arriving and didn’t have time to meal prep for the fourth trimester. Big regret!!

I was bored so I had a very long one - - Clean the house - the things you'd do like once in every half a year - Organise and set up all baby items and wash baby clothes (didn't iron) - get familiar with how things work - car seat, breast pump (if used), baby monitor etc. - Hospital bags & birth preferences - I didn't cook in advance but stocked the freezer with ready meals from COOK - Any minor repairs in the house - Declutter and sell/donate stuff we didn't use (baby takes a lot of space haha) - life admin - move pensions into one pot, cancel subscriptions we didn't use etc. - dentist check up - hairdresser just before the due date (thank goodness because the baby is now 9m and I still haven't made it back 🙈) - and in the final weeks just relax and try to do things you won't be able to once baby is here - go for a nice dinner, cinema, pamper yourself xx

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