Anyone else struggling to keep quiet 🤭

I’m only 7 weeks but I’m so excited about my rainbow baby and I’m struggling so hard to keep quiet. My parents and my partners parents / immediate family know but I’m just so desperate to announce it to everyone. I know everyone says ‘wait till your 12+ weeks to tell cause then your safe’ but realistically you’re never safe so why shouldn’t people announce it whenever they want yknow. I just don’t know what to do I’m so conflicted cause I’m so anxious but also so excited. Anyone else in a similar position
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Yeah I'm exactly the same i can't keep anything to Myself and the best of times I'm an open book! Also i think tell whoever you want! I have been trying to conceive For a few years so wanted my close friends and family to know of my journey

I completely get where you’re coming from! This will also be my rainbow baby and I’ve only told 4 people all closest friends but no family yet. Myself and my partner both agreed once we’ve done a private scan then we will announce it to our immediate family 🥰

Oh I promised my husband we’d wait to announce until 12 weeks but I also accidentally told 4 people at work today 👀 Then 2 more people when I got home. I’m honestly surprised that I managed to keep it to single digits 😂

I haven’t even told my husband yet as we’ve had 3 losses in just over a year and have never made it past 6 weeks. I’m 5 weeks today so waiting until next week to tell him and will then look at booking an early scan. If all goes well, I’ll be 12 weeks a couple of days before my mums 50th birthday so I would love to surprise her then but don’t know if I will be able to hold out until then!

@Natasha Okay so I’m 100% blaming hormones but this just made me cry! I’ve got everything crossed that this is it for you. Sending so much love and please do keep us updated! 🤍🤍

@Gemma aww 🥹 thank you lovely, that means a lot! Hope everything goes well for you too 💕 I will definitely keep you updated!

I’m with you here! It’s my first time ever and my partner and I agreed to wait until our first scan… but I let it out to my hair dresser a day after I found out 😂 Also finding it hard hiding the symptoms, keep being asked on teams if I’m okay 😂😂 Congratulations!

There’s no absolutely safe zone but after 10,11,12 weeks you are statistically much safer than at 4,5,6,7 weeks etc. So I think announce when ever you want!! But, be aware if the worst did happen, you’d have to un-announce , so be mindful of who you’d feel comfortable ‘un-announcing’ to

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