How did you know you were pregnant ☀️

I went to a wedding last weekend and my 2.5 year old was watching me get ready and kept rubbing my stomach saying there was a baby in there. At this point we had absolutely no idea and I thought she was just calling me chunky 😂 Then this weekend my period was late and I tested positive! We haven’t said anything to her but on repeat she’s telling anyone who’ll listen that there’s a baby sister in my tummy eating a banana 😂 She’s also let us know she does not want another brother like her current baby brother 🫣 Anyone else with psychic kids?
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Omgg same! My son did the same thing and I thought oh that would be cool if he knew. He tapped my belly and said baby then blew raspberries on it. Hes only 2 and doesnt really get the concept but thought it was very cool! The following week we got a positive 🥰🎉

@Sarah It’s crazy isn’t it! My daughter’s such a Daddy’s girl but the past week she’s been attached to me and has started getting up in the middle of the night and crawling into bed with me. I think she just senses something’s different! She was only 15 months old when my little boy was born but even then she would kiss my bump and stroke it all the time. I think their super intuitive ☺️

Same story . My period wasn’t due until tomorrow. On the 5th of april my boy came up to me and said “ mummy you have a baby in your belly “ so I did a test even tho I thought it’s impossible to have a positive 11 days before my period 😀 and there it was , very faint line . Now he comes up to me every morning and kisses my belly 🥹 and says hi to the baby

@Nicol Oh I love this!! Sounds like he’s going to be an incredible big brother 🥹

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