I'm really struggling at the moment. We've been trying for over a year. Miscarriage at 5 weeks in January and nothing else. I feel so deflated. I've spoken to my GP about it last week, who said my BMI is too high and I need to lose 5.7 STONE. I've been walking 4 miles a day and eating super clean since (at least 5 a day, no processed foods, low carbon, high protein) but that amount of weight seems such a long way away.
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Have you had any tests done? Your GP should be running these tests, regardless of weight, as it might not be a weight issue. Your partner needs to be tested too. If you lose 5.7 stone does this take you to a BMI of 30, or below? I also find BMI really outdated. You can have a higher BMI (due to muscle mass). When I was at my thinnest (a UK size 10-12) my BMI was 30, and I was in no way obese or overweight. It just doesn’t suit everyone to use that metric.

No tests have been done. They've told me I need to be a healthy BMI before I can get help. It's currently 36.3. My partner is military so is going for tests as they're really good there. I agree that BMI is outdated but it doesn't stop the NHS etc still using it 😞

I’m sorry you’ve had that experience - your GP is wrong. Go back and say the NICE guidance states that after a year of trying (if you’re under 35 years old) you are entitled to basic tests. Regardless of weight. Of course the weight may be an issue in your fertility journey, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t other things that can be picked up and worked with. The NHS doesn’t offer fertility treatment above a BMI of 30, but they do certainly offer tests. Do you have regular cycles? I assume you’ve been tracking for a year? It’s worth tracking BBT if you haven’t been.

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