How long did it take your baby to have normal BM after cutting out dairy?

We’re going on almost 5 weeks of dairy free and my baby’s poops are still all diarrhea. She’s breastfed only and they’re a yellow-brown color but completely liquid with no mustard seed looking pieces. Just wondering how long it took your baby to have normal BM again
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Could’ve written this myself at that stage. It took 7 weeks for them to go to a pasty/seedy consistency. Before this it was complete water, sometimes a little pasty but on the odd chance. EBF too! There could however be another allergy like soya I believe which is very common! X

@Lauren thank you for sharing! That’s the dilemma I’m faced with is do I keep going to see if it really is just the dairy and her gut is still healing or do I jump the gun and cut soy and egg out already. She’s never had the blood in her BM that people talk about which makes me think maybe there isn’t another allergy and her poor gut is just still recovering. I don’t know and it’s so hard

I cut out dairy when LO was 6 weeks old, thats a lot if exposure & damage to the gut. No wonder it can take weeks. I would personally persevere and see how things go if boweks is the only symptom. If baby is super unsettled, reflux, colic, screaming I would cut out others too to see if it helps. I reintroduced dairy 3 weeks ago now and LO is coping well, no reaction so far. Fingers crossed! Good luck mama X

@Lauren Thank you! I waited until 6 weeks dairy free (started at exactly 4 weeks old) and her BM were still bad and had actually gotten worse and started having more mucus in them and even a tiny bit of bloody mucus. So we started her on a probiotic almost a week ago and I just started eating soy free now to so we’re curious if this will help!

@Sophia how are you getting on? I’ve now cut out eggs and soya as well and debating a probiotic! Thanks

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