All I’ve ever dreamt of is being a mom and having a baby of my own! We’ve finally decided to start trying and I’m getting my coil removed on Monday (absolutely terrified - what’s this process like?) but now all of a sudden I have so much doubt whether this is the right time, will motherhood be what I’m assuming it will be like, can we no longer travel etc! Is it normal to suddenly have doubts..? Being as maternal as I’ve always been, I didn’t think I’d ever have thoughts like this!
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Had mine removed a while ago and it was uncomfortable but over quickly

It’s only now it’s becoming a reality. Everyone has some sort of doubt, it’s completely normal.

Motherhood is a hefty wave to ride on but you’ll eventually get the hang of it. No day is the same & nothing can prepare you for it. You’ll be able to do your normal activities like going out, travelling etc you just have to accommodate a tiny human :) All the best xx

Hey! Im in the same boat- it’s a scary boat to be on! Me and my partner decided to start trying this week. But it’s all so scary! X

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