Still not ready

39weeks +2 and still not dilated 😭 Baby boy just doesn’t want to come out yet anyone else going through the same thing I feel like I’ve tried everything except the evening primrose oil🫠
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Same 😭😭😭

Same at 39 +5

If it makes you feel any better, I'm 40 weeks and 4 days 🤧

I’m 40 weeks and sameeee 🥲

Same.... just waiting

Same. 39 + 2 today.

Sameee 39w 5d today

40+2 here

@Edna so glad I'm not the only one here past 40 🥹

@Kyra crossing my fingers baby boy arrives before my OB pressures me into an induction

40w 2d 🫠

40 + 3 🙃

40 weeks me too

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