Baby’s first birthday

Is anyone else not having a party for their LO’s first birthday?? Me and my partner just plan on taking our boy to the zoo 🥰
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We are taking my LB to the sealife centre on his birthday (on a Friday) then having family over for a bbq in the garden on the Saturday (as everyone works and i have family travelling to us). We were going to do a big party but decided against it in the end. We want to celebrate in some way still though because he’s our little miracle ❤️

I’ve just posted about this. We are the same. I think we’ll go to the zoo or seaside.

We going camping just us 3! Time off for all of us.

We're not having a proper party we're just joining my BIL and his family for a teaparty after school as that's what they do every year and my daughter now shares a birthday with their youngest (2 years apart) so decided to combine them. We also decided to go away for the weekend just me my partner and kids as a little family holiday ❤️

We're having a garden party nothing big just close family over for birthday cake and a few nibbles. We have a 4 year old so just playing in the garden with them x

We’re taking the wee dude away for the weekend then just getting a cake for the house and inviting immediate family. We don’t see the point in having a party at this age

We are all going out for a meal with my family and that’s it

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