Going off the weight conversation earlier - how tall are everyone’s babies? Mine is about 24inches at 6 weeks! He’s so tall! I’m starting to find some of the 0-3 Jammies are getting tighter just due to his leg length 🥺
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Omg same my baby is 23 inches at 5 weeks but he’s skinny so his Jammies don’t fit at all but if I size down they are way to tight and he becomes fussy

@Vencecea yes!! I’ve realized certain brands are bigger than others so I’m now mainly putting him in the certain brands! I’m in PA and the weather has been so iffy that it’s hard! Can’t wait til it’s warmer because the regular t-shirt onesies fit great because he’s skinny just long legs! but it’s been too cold a lot of days!

My baby was 23 inches at birth now I wonder how tall he is a3 weeks.

We’re at almost 4 weeks and almost 20 inches. He’s a little guy! His footie pj’s don’t stay on his little feet and legs, lol!

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