Bubs is very much a baby that spits up after feeding and has pain in his belly as well until he’s been burped for quite a while it seems like as he just doesn’t want to give up the burp! I’ve had a few people suggest Infacol to me but I’m just hesitant to trial something that isn’t a necessity per se. Does anyone have a tips with Infacol or any experience with it to be able to let me know about any side effects/positives/negatives.
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I believe Infacol is harmless and similar to gripe water or just sugar and water together. We used it on my son for a few weeks and it was the only thing that helped him burp. You can only use the tub for 28 days after opening it so we never quite got through a full one before get rid of it but it was worth it for us but it depends on if you use it for every feed or not.

Hi, we got recommended to use nan probiotic drops once a day, helped with colic and burps etc. Worked like a charm!

My community nurse suggested it to me. I used it for my bub once a day for a few months till he could sit up by himself. He didnt have any burping issues onve he could sit up. We didn't notice any side effects.

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