Anyone just have constant anxiety that something bad is going to happen , just trying to enjoy my pregnancy 🤰 health anxiety is horrible 🥺😩
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I feel the same! Have you spoken to your midwife about this? I have been referred to talking therapies.

Yeh she said if it carries on she can refer me but my midwife didn’t really help tbh x

I had this with my first and a bit with second. It is an anxious time but try to do some things that help relax you

I am the same - I’m starting talking therapy tomorrow. It’s really hard not to think of the worst case scenario because that’s just you protecting yourself - maybe try reading some pregnancy affirmations? You’re definitely not alone with how you’re feeling. My health anxiety was pretty bad during first trimester but it seems to have eased during my second. I hope you find a way to help manage your anxiety xx

Same, constantly terrified something bad is gonna happen. Haven’t really talked about it with my midwife though

i was the exact same way. i was so so worried in the beginning that something was going to happen to baby and towards the end i was worried something was going to happen during delivery to the point where i couldn’t process the fact that i was going to have a baby or be excited because i didn’t want to “jinx” something into happening. My baby is now a month old and the anxiety definitely does get better but that first week was by far the worst! You’ll get through this !

This is me right now over everything especially health wise. Its so exhausting. Youre not alone xxx

I have pre existing mental health and made my midwife aware at my first appointment (now 38+6). I was already seeing talking therapies (formally italk) but they aren't trained in the difficulties pregnancy brings (the person I spoke to made this clear at each appointment). I was then referred to the perinatal team who have been great. There are some extra criteria you need to meet before being referred to them but they are super helpful and have been great since I first saw them. If your midwife isn't being too helpful with the referrals your GP can refer you too

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