I am sorry to post on here but my anxiety is out of the roof all day today and I am really struggling. I am someone who really struggles with anxiety so much and I get so panicked with symptoms. I feel like I am annoying my midwife with messages and she doesn’t often responded, but I don’t want to keep calling triage. Every pain, cramp and my sides and round my belly button is sore and tender. I am over thinking everyday with babies movements. That I am currently in tears just being terrified with my anxiety and finding this all so hard! I love my baby so much and every scan and midwife appointment has shown a very healthy baby and got my 20 week scan in two weeks. My husband is very supportive but he doesn’t understand anxiety as he keeps saying that everything is fine and well and to stop worrying.
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Hey, so I’m 18 weeks pregnant and autistic and totally understand the anxiety! You’re not crazy for feeling like this. I know it’s really hard but it’s best to speak to your midwife about these feelings and if you don’t like the way they deal with it then you can change midwives without a problem. Hormones also have a play into this, know that the fact you care about your baby’s wellbeing is a good thing, but it sounds like it might be all consuming so try and find something to redirect you, like a film, going for a walk, anything you enjoy non baby related to try and take your mind off baby for even 10 minutes. Your partner won’t understand because he’s not you, he’s not feeling your hormones and that’s also okay. Just take a deep breath and if you need someone to talk about it with, I’m a message away ☺️

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