Hospital bag!!

If you've packed it, please show me a picture!! I'm completely lost!
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I did a video of mine lol, but that’s everything I’ve done, just going off my first birth!

@aria I dreaded doing this. Happy it’s done but also sure I will miss stuff or realise I over packed. Not confident in my packing exercise at all 😂😂😂

It's hard lol me too..snap xx

Oh my lord I’m nearly 36 weeks and haven’t done mine 🙃 keep putting it off but I do have a list of bits and bobs

@Frayere this was soo helpful!! Ive 100% underpacked so far!!! And how did I not add nappies 🤯🤯

@Ana I've been awful at packing, literally just not had a clue what to put in the bag and after watching a few videos. Im 100% doing it wrong

@Gabriella im 33 weeks and due to go for induction in four-five weeks time. 😅 I'm getting late and I know that. 🤣 uve gone from well prepared to unorganised

I love how you started with the food @Jenna! It’s important to have our priorities straight 😂

@Frayere you packed three layers per outfit for the baby? Or do the bundles mean something else? Won’t that be too warm, also considering hospital is usually very warm? I have 2 layers and am already worried it might be too much…

@Ana no I packed a short sleeve and a long sleeve as I’m unsure what the weather will be and the temperature of the hospital as well, so I want options!

@aria haha easy to forget the little things!!

@Ana definitely! I cannot go five minutes without a snack currently! 😂

Can I ask what post birth knickers people have gone for and post birth comfy clothes? xx

@Shannice I’ve just gone for big, comfy and have a stretch to them! Very much granny knickers lol! Clothes for after I’ll just do some light loungewear almost pyjamas

@Shannice Black high waist granny pants. By the way, high waist in case of an emergency c section so nothing is rubbing on the incision. Also chose the highest cotton composition that I could find. Steer clear from synthetic fibres as it should be breathable fabric.

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@Shannice I went and got a multipack of the cheapest black ones in Primark - full brief granny pants. 4 pairs for £3.50

I haven’t over packed you see these women packing 9baby grows and 14 vest there is a chance you won’t be in hospital that long I just packed what needed anything I have forgot someone can always pick it up

I think it’s important to remember not to get overwhelmed or feel pressured by lots of the info out there especially on social media - everyone is different and will have different preferences. I’m all for being pretty minimal in this kind of situation, to me it’s not a holiday it’s a hospital visit that I hope is as short as possible! But I see some people packing like they’re going away on holiday for a week 😅 I’m just packing the essentials, with the idea of staying in for one night worse case 🤞🏼- if I do have to stay longer I can always send my husband home to get more bits and the hospital can provide a lot of things if you do happen to forget something important! Last time I followed a lot of the guidance online and quite honestly I used nothing from my bag apart from my fluffy slippers - aware they are not essential but they made me really happy 😂 (obv also used milk, nappies and a baby grow!)

Agree with the above. On social media though don’t forget that not everyone is in the same country. The “fast food” approach to maternity discharge is very UK. Some people are packing to be in hospital for 3-4 days even in an uncomplicated delivery scenario.

@Ana Oh no way 🤯 I had no idea, that sounds like my idea of hell. Unless I absolutely have to be in hospital I want to be out as quick as humanly possible. Even more so this time as I’ve got a 4yr old who’s really anxious about the idea of me being in there 🥲

There are always trade offs. The rooms are usually not 7 people wards but much smaller (2 people or even single). You do all the first days stuff in hospital rather than having to go to the gp or having a midwife coming over to your home. There is lots of support on those first days for moms in terms of baby care, breastfeeding, etc… I can see pros and cons.

That’s true! Although it’s a shame it’s not a choice, it’s great to have the option for those who want that kind of support but for someone like me who just absolutely does not want to be there longer than needed I’d be hating it 😂 I’m keeping everything crossed that the powers that be are on my side for a smooth in and out birth! 🤞🏼🙈

If I am not mistaken you can always discharge yourself at your own responsibility.

Portable battery powered fan!!!

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