Car seats and dummy’s

My girl is 12 weeks on Sunday and she HATES her car seat. I’m now to the point where I’m really anxious about being in the car on my own with her as if she drops her dummy (which is often in the car) she’ll scream and scream and won’t settle at all. It’s really distracting and heartbreaking to hear whilst you’re driving. Has anyone gone through this and got any tips? I’ve tried taking out the newborn insert and adjusting the straps but it hasn’t really helped.
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Same with me except mines 14 weeks now and is finally getting over it. I’ve worked out it was because she’d get overtired and was unable to settle herself in it. Nothing helped me except constantly reaching over at red lights to put it back in. It’s so hard to drive with them screaming so i understand ur pain xx

Yes. Go to John Lewis and sit her in the car seats which match your budget. She will stop screaming when comfortable. I am guessing but maybe something just isn’t comfortable like wearing the wrong style of jeans. Xx

I think its a phase they go through. My boy loves the car normally and is in a bassinette style seat so nothing to be uncomfortable, and has been like this for the last couple of weeks, yesterdya and today hes been better again so thi k im coming out the other side. Ive also put his dummy on a dummy clip so i can trace it back and pop it in easily without looking xxx

My first hated the car from around four months till six or 7 and half months when we opted for turning her earlier than recommended but it helped a lot she’s really social so Think it was boardom she never had dummies or comforters but my second I plan on keeping back facing for as long as possible and hoping she doesn’t get the same dredded hate 😮‍💨

@Joanna you do realise its not just a recommendation its the law that they rear face till 15 months

Yes my little boy is the exact same ( 11 weeks) he screams his lungs out to the point I have to pull over as I’m terrified he will overheat as he gets so stressed. I’ve tried putting toys opposite him to distract him, taken the newborn insert out, made sure he is changed and fed before, someone mentioned loosing the nappy so he’s not tight. Putting on nursery rhymes music. The only thing I’ve found that sometimes helps him is I bought a tommee tippee owl which has white noises, it sends him to sleep sometimes and he holds onto it but it doesn’t always work. Hopefully they will grow out of it x

@Katy it’s 9kg in some car seats- especially older ones! My 3 month old is 7kg!🫣 x

@Jordan i would get a newer car seat then. Theres reasons why the law is 15months, and even at that age their necks and spines arent developed enough to do well in a crash if their forward facing. Much safer rearward facing xxx

It might also be worth checking if your little ones have tongue tie. My LO used to scream in her car seat, until her tongue tie was released and now she doesn’t cry in it at all. I think there is a link between the two things. Might not be the case for you and yours, but wanted to share my experience x

Ive found if I feed her just before the car, have white noise by her head and play lullabies or the happy song by Imogen heap it stops her from starting crying. However if she does start, nothing stops her 😂😂

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