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Hi, I just wondered if anyone has any idea of an amazing stain remover for my little girls clothes as she’s grown out of a size & i want to really clean up her old ones to put away but i want a really good stain remover to get rid of any tough stains! Thanks x
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Hiya, I swear by fairy washing up liquid right on stain dry asap, then spray some white vinegar on too. Or ELBOW GREASE SOAP BAR. Alternatively soak in ACE for colours or ACE for white ( white id sometimes use a sterilising tablet ) but not always. Then I pop in normal wash with astonish £3 stain remover (1/2 scoops) x

@Rebecca amazing thank you some stains have been there for a while tho as I’ve struggled to get them out x

I've heard Milton steriliser tablets can be good. Fill bath up and soak clothes in that with a few Milton tablets.

Napisan is what I use on all my little ones clothes, gets spag bol out of whites etc x

Miss messy mouth eater!! The stain removing wipes from that brand are also amazingggg, my 11 month old had blackberry stains on one of her rompers and I watched it come out when I used the wipes, then I sprayed it with the same brand spray and washed it

Hi I sell stain buster by prouvè this gets rid of stains in one wash! £6.95 +£4 next day delivery to your address x

@Georgia I swear by the astonish stain remover it's cheap and works brilliant even on poo stains

I like the shout stain remover but I spray day of. Not sure if it will work for old stains

@Lauren I’ve found this stains some clothes blue ? X

@Angela I can’t find this anywhere! Xxx

@Samantha where did you get it from o can’t find it? X

Thank you everyone xx

@Georgia Amazon!

@Georgia oh really?? I’ve never had a problem I always use it on whites🙈

@Lauren I’ll give it another go thank you x

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