Baby is really sensitive to other children being loud

Had to leave a class after 10 minutes today because another little boy screamed really high pitched and my baby absolutely lost his mind. He goes to 2 or 3 classes every week, but I'm always holding my breath whenever the other children are being loud. I don't know how else I could desensitise him to the noise though, I don't want him to be frightened, but it's happening a lot and it's obviously unavoidable. He doesn't have any siblings and it's usually just me and him in the house so I'm wondering if I'm just far too quiet and hes gotten used to it 😅 Has anyone else had this issue or have any advice? I'm hoping it's just a little phase but it's been happening for months so I'm not really sure 😬
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Mine is exactly the same! He is inconsolable when he hears any happy squeals as well as when he hears any babies crying. I just try my best to comfort him whilst trying not to react if that makes sense, as I worry that if he senses me tense up over the noise it may make him feel more tense? It’s so difficult though!x

@Ericah exactly! Could be happy or upset screams and he just cries his little heart out 😭 He also reacts the same to dogs barking so I think he's just getting a fright but I can't really do anything to stop it from happening! Xx

When he was younger did you try and be as quiet as possible around him whilst napping etc? He may not be used to loud noises and that is what is upsetting him. My daughter is fine with any sounds and always had been but I would hoover up when she napped and be as loud as possible because when she got used to it she slept better xx

My boy is similar, I’ve made an effort to make more noise at home and have the radio on now when we’re playing so he gets used to background noise

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