Baby’s poo always a different consistency

My daughters poo is always different consistencies and I’m not sure if it’s normal. Sometime will be formed lumps, small version of adult poos, sometimes a bit mushier with texture/bits of food in, and then sometimes it’s really runny. Should it always be the same?
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No. Think how much ours changes depending on what we eat

My son’s poo is more mushy than formed these days, I think it’s since he started nursery, they used to be proper poos before lol I don’t know what they’re feeding him, they’re all sorts of colours too 🙈

Same here, it depends what she eats in a day. Some days when she has a lot of blueberries let’s say,and pears her poo is more mushy , other days she has more of the “dry” food eg pasta, snacks like veggie straws and her poo will be more solid. I guess it’s normal.

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