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So I put my request in for child benefits/family allowance (just the one that everyone is entitled to, not like a universal credit or anything) I’ve just received a random payment of £102 from HMRC. I assume this is my first payment and is backdated to the birth of my baby but I haven’t even had a letter or an email from them. Should I expect a letter or do I just take it that I’m going to be getting it weekly now? I would’ve thought I would at least get some confirmation to know what to expect!
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I got a payment randomly then got a letter a few days later. And now every Friday I get the £24 a week child benefit payment

You should get a letter in the post. I did. If you have a log in go on and you see more info and payments you've had so far etc

They send random payments to backdate what you have missed, I received 1 and another a week later then a letter in the post about 2/3 days after the 2nd payment. You can download the HMRC app which shows you all the info about your child benefit x

Thanks guys x

@Holly how long after you applied did you get the payment

@Jess how long after you applied did you get the first payment

@Shannon I applied on 26th April x

Okay thank you it’s only because I applied yesterday and was just wondering how long it takes for the payments to come through as I have choose to get my payment weekly instead of every 4 weeks

@Shannon not long, about a week I think. Maybe less. My baby brain is awful sorry hun lol x

@Jess it’s also because I’ve just gone on the hmrc app and it says that it’s been accepted and it says what I’m entitled to and when my payment started x

I didnt get child benefit until my boy was 1, it ALL got backdated, i got over £1700 and im glad i did it when i did , just in time for his birthday party !

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