I'm 31 weeks and my babies movements are crazy! I've already had a baby before but this time round I feel like it can be really quite uncomfortable and takes me off guard. It's almost like she could actually come out of my stomach at times 🙈 does anyone else feel this second time round especially I swear I didn't feel the movements as crazily first time round!
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I’m exactly the same! - I’m 30 weeks and this is my second pregnancy, my first pregnancy I didn’t remember feeling this much at all but my god the movements are unbelievable, they make me jump and like you can be very uncomfortable at times - I had to ask my midwife if it was normal to feel this much because I never feel like he stops all day! X

This is my first pregnancy and I am 31 weeks and I am much the same. My belly looks like a scene out of alien at some points and baby has discovered kicking and punching my ribcage and bladder which is wonderful 🙈🤣

@Mikaila This is my first and I’m the same! I said to my midwife I think there might be an alien in there and she didn’t look impressed 🤣 So much movement and starting to get a little uncomfortable at times, however I’d prefer it this way then not much movement x

Haha @Charlotte I know the feeling, sometimes it's rather uncomfortable. I have an anterior placenta as well which we have joked baby has just kicked it out of the way. 🤣 it is nice though, apart from when baby stretches right out and it's coming out of all angles 🤣 x

Second pregnancy here to and said from I first felt kicks that wow he's alot more active than my first born son he was pretty chill in the womb lol

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