My son HATES taking a shower

My son is 8 months old, I always try to get him used to water but he hates it even if I get in the shower with him nothing helps! I have toys likes blocks and a shape sorter for him to play with (cause of his older sister ) and big bowl and a cup , I even use the lights that connected on the top of the mirror to have a more softer look if that makes since even music, nothing is helping 😮‍💨 we only have a walk in shower, I even make sure the temp of the water is okay I don't know what else to do, I dread on giving him a shower cause all he does is scream! 😮‍💨 Please help give me ideas
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The water from the shower head could be overstimulating and overwhelming for him. Are you able to get something like the FridaBaby bathtub and fill it, so he can sit in a tub instead of having water showering over him? It's a great little tub and will last a long time (into toddler years, if you like).

@Bailey I'm not even using the shower head I've been use the sink and have him sit in there letting him play with the toys and use a cup to pour water on him, he screams on top of his lungs likes he's being tortured, I never had this problem with my daughter at all I just have a feeling that the labor nurses when he was born some how make it where he doesn't like water now

Oh okay. Are you filling the sink with water, so he's sitting in water? Or just pouring water over him?

You could try giving him an actual shower, my daughter was unsure the first 2 or 3 times but now she loves it and seems to prefer it lately over being in the bathtub

It’s around 3ft and 1ft high and the bottom has cushion. I also take it traveling!

My first hated baths too until I purchased a baby bath thermometer. Turns out he was sensitive to the temp and I wasn't getting it right.

Less is more. My bath time is bubbles, 3 rubber duckies, 3 water squirters, and some black/white contrast water proof flash cards. Wash for a couple minutes and then playtime till they are ready to get out.

@Rachel this is great! What do you find is the easiest way to fill it up and dump the water?

What temperature are you doing? If it's too cold or too hot they will hate it. Temperature of the water and the room.

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