Back to back baby

Just had my second sweep ladies and I’ve now been told baby is back to back and I’m slightly worried as I’m being induced next Wednesday.. Has anyone else had this and been fine labouring a back to back baby or did baby turned last minute for you? Also feeling really deflated.. had a sweep on Monday, was told 1-2cm. Just had my second sweep at lunch time and was told cervix is still the same, so still 1-2cm, cervix is quite long and baby still high 😔 I really thought things would have changed as yesterday I lost a hell of a lot of mucus multiple times and all morning today I’ve had period type cramps so I really got my hopes up 😭
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Haven’t any advice but in exactly the same position. Feeling a bit nervous about it but I’ve read that 75% of babies turn once in active labour so I’m trying to cling onto that!x

My cousins wife birthed two back to back babies vaginally 😄 she just said her back ached xx

On my appt when I was 38+4 my bubs was also back to back, I spent a lot of time on the birthing ball and on all fours with pillows/ball whilst watching telly and when I went for a sweep at 40+4 he has now turned much to my surprise haha! Try not to get disheartened too much just think it’ll give you a little extra time to get him to turn plus things can change really quickly! This second sweep may just be what you need to get things moving xx

I laboured my baby back to back, although it wasn’t picked up on any assessments 😅 She turned as she was coming out and ended up being born sideways 🙈 Not gonna lie it wasn’t fun as all the pain was in my back but a hot compress really helped! I was only pushing about 30 minutes x

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