Am i crazy

So i have a dog and 2under2 my partners mum is crazy obsessed with our dog and i mean wants to get it to wear PJs sleeps in a different room to her husband so she can sleep with our dog and only takes my children dog friendly places anyway she has had our dog and my children together yet has never had my eldest without the dog and never had just my eldest and youngest without the dog so she wanted them tomorrow and i said our dog can stay at home with me and she’s like we will have them all i said haha no its fine ill be with him and she has ignored me 🙃
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what 🤣🤣🤣 what type of dog is it? 🤣

@kat french bulldog

honestly this is the funniest post i've read in a while what a bizarre woman 😅. is she like this with other dogs?

@kat tbh i think she has a slight obsession with just frenchies only since we got him 😂 she feeds him steak and salmon buys his food 60 pound a month when she goes toilet or shower she lets him follow and go in with her she picks him up like a baby on his side 🙃

maybe the dogs like another grandchild to her some people genuinely see dogs as like their children so i guess that can happen with granddogs 😂

@ellie 🤍 but she’s happy to not have one of the children yet the dogs always has to come 😂 he is a dog though

how strange lmao

We have 4 dogs and my mil will often take her fav little guy. Over our daughter any day. It's ridiculous

@Jill do you not say anything 😂

I've said things multiple times to my husband. It's just a weird fucking situation

This is mindblowing! Can I see a picture of this famous dog?

Erm.. I mean I like dogs but some people’s obsession with loving an animal more than a child is just crazy to me 😬

Very bizarre 😂 maybe she just thinks your dog is another grand baby 😂

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