Tough/lazy days..

Anyones little one have days like this? My son has had about 15457 tantrums today, doesn’t want to leave the house and doesn’t want to play with toys just wants to lounge around and watch tv? X
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Yeah definitely. You have to pick your battles I find at this age. If he wants a day to chill then so be it. I find usually when he does he maybe coming down with something xx

When my little girl is getting on my tits, I find it's better to just get her out of the house!... Thursdays are always bad as they've just done 3 days of nursery so are tired. I needed to get stuff done at home so had the telly on all morning. Hopefully get them out this afternoon

You’re not alone. I’ve noticed my son’s tantrums have returned with a vengeance lately, along with being very vocal about what he doesn’t like and who he doesn’t like (often when they’re present 🙃). I find his “behaviour” is worse when he’s had too much screen time, so I try to limit where I can and try to get out of the house whenever we can too!

Yes we have those days too. I just roll with it it’s not worth to force anything x

We're now having a week of it due to a stomach bug 🤢

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