Father’s Day

Trying to get slightly ahead of the game… Has anyone got any good Father’s Day present / experience ideas? Trying to avoid anything too cheesy, but not getting very far!
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Yes following because I am struggling too

I’m also struggling & stressed bc he crushed Mother’s Day lol. I know I’m going to make him a card with baby’s handprint. He likes grilling so the hand is going to be fire on a grill And then I’m thinking or planning a camping trip bc he loves that too but idkkkk!

We did father's day last week because my partner is from Germany. I was so excited haha. Made a toddler board book "papa and me" with photos on snapfish. Footprint card. "Worlds best papa" mug in the style of the "world's best boss" mug from The Office as we binge watched that during the pregnancy ❤️ Sorry this is all probs too cheesy. You can never go wrong with socks is what my dad always says! Or just a keyring with a picture of LO is great but my partner had already gotten himself one on snapfish 😅

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