Anterior placenta

I have an anterior placenta but surprisingly at 19 or so weeks I started to feel my baby kick , it was right barely above my pubic bone I guess he likes to lay low lol . Well yesterday I didn’t feel him . Normally I can feel his kicks pretty darn good , I feel like I felt a couple faint ones but I was wondering if it’s normal for other mamas with anterior placenta to feel this way . Some days feel the baby better than others . (As I was typing this I felt him kick me so hard ironically 😂)
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I don’t have an anterior placenta BUT I’ve had that happen too. You feel them a lot one day then the next nothing and it’s scary but usually I find the heart beat with the Doppler. And I’ll eventually feel him wiggle when I start to get overtly anxious lol

I went to a private scan at 15 weeks and they said I had anterior placenta. Started feeling light kicks at 18 weeks. Had my 20 week scan with doctors and they said posterior placenta.

I only felt her kick my organs for about a month. I couldn’t feel any belly kicks. I’m 21w+5 and starting at 20+6 I felt her in my belly which has been nice. It was very surprising and much more comfortable than feeling her poke my guts lol

Idk where my placenta is but my baby has his days where he’s a wiggle monster and a karate kicking master but some days I think he just likes to sleep I’ll get maybe a few kicks but he feels like he’s just snuggled on my bladder

Anterior placenta and I’m only feeling him everyday now that I’m 22 weeks 🤷🏼‍♀️ but I was measuring a week early Thursday so that may have an impact 🤣

Anterior placenta here. Normal to not feel baby as frequently as a posterior placenta. I'm 24(?) weeks and maybe feel him a couple times a day. And idk a out other moms but how you feel anterior baby vs posterior is so different. At least for me. My daughter was like bigger rounder movement and this guy is like being ninja kicked sparatically.

That’s exactly how it feels for me lol @Krizia 😂 I don’t feel him move much but when I do it is random and it is hard

Anterior Placenta. I felt flutters starting 16 weeks, again 19 weeks, then week 20 I was sick and lying down more often. That’s when I really started to be able to feel the baby jabs. Im now 24 weeks today, I’m normally pretty active during the day and don’t feel much till I’m sitting down working at the computer, driving or on the couch later in the evening, basically anytime I’m sitting still. Yesterday I didn’t feel much movement at all, but I think it’s more based on baby’s position. At our 20 week ultrasound, which happened in week 21, baby was head down. We now see a MFM weekly which started at 22 weeks, each time baby has been head down with hands near the face/head. I normally feel the movements very low, so I’m guessing it’s the baby’s hands around the face. Yesterday definitely gave me a little anxiety, but this morning I’ve already felt good movements. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m glad to be feeling baby movement more frequently now! Remember back to week 10-13, etc., no movements then.

I have an anterior as well but I felt flutters at 19 weeks then absolutely nothing and was so scared I lost her. Had my 20 week scan and she's been kicking nice and hard for the past 4 days straight ❤️

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