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Hi girls, I'm 22weeks pregnant and for the last 2 or 3 days my baby's kicks have felt as if they're really low down.This is going to sound really silly but I feel like I can feel them in my 😂 Has anyone else experienced this and is it normal? xxx
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It's perfectly normal, I'm experiencing the exact same thing. I even had it in my first pregnancy and I asked the same question 😂.

@Rhiannon thank you I feel more relieved now 😂♥️

The kicks and movement will get higher little one grows and you will also probably get the odd kick down below and it'll give you a shock, that's what I remember last time 🙈

It will keep changing I'm 24+3 and beginning of the week he was kicking high up today he's kicking down low altho I felt him shift and turn last night lol as you get further your beable to notice babys flipping around until he just won't do it as much anymore

Same for me like I put on all this extra bump weight and he’s gonna sit all the way down there? I could’ve stayed the same size ffs 😂 xx

@Skye your placenta is also in there remember, my partner said last time when I gave birth my placenta was huge, it filled one of those silver trays and it was even over flowing😂. Trust me when your baby grows you'll be feeling the kicks all over the place it's amazing 😍 xx

I have an anterior placenta and for the first month of movement I only felt this girl kicking my organs 😂 I can finally feel her up on my stomach but every once in a while she hits around my cervix and I wince lol. I think it’s normal!

I felt the same way and had a scan yesterday I’m 24 weeks and turns out he’s breech right now so he is actually kicking my vag 😅

i felt my baby kick me in my butt.. like it felt like I had to poop but it was his foot.. he's in the breached position right now.. but during the day he is in my center behind my belly Button. when he is sleeping he sinks down to lay on my bladder

I’m 21+2 and I literally can feel him switching what sides he lays his head it’s sooooooo strange, especially if I lightly lay my hand on my belly when his active. Totally normal to feel movement all over! Xxx

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