Is it bad I don’t want my baby to use a baby stroller or walker want her to do it without

Do it in her own time
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If you have another way to help her, then I'd say go for it. But normally babies need to extra help to build up the leg muscles. That's what they are for. I've seen babies have to go to physical therapy because parents didn't help them build the muscles.

No judgment though, you have to do what you think is best. ❤️ either way, you are doing great

It's not bad, it's a choice. We got my son the Melissa and a Doug walker and he still thinks it's awesome and he will be nearly 2 soon. It was fun for us but really just a choice

No but you can do different activities with her to help her learn to stand and sofa surf etc instead

My boy had one but refused to use it, preferred using the table and sofas to help balance himself and pushing his highchair around 🤣

It doesn’t replace them learning to walk, it’s just fun for them and can help build muscles

Different things work for different kids so it may not hurt to just have the option🤷🏻‍♀️ we had one but my daughter didn’t like it and never used it, she walked on her own at 9 months

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