Really emotional?

I’m 36 weeks and have a massive wave of anxiety and feeling really low. I’m not sure if it’s hormones but it’s come on all of a sudden. Hoping it passes as I’ve been really excited this whole pregnancy but it’s seems to have flipped over the last couple of days to be complete overwhelm/anxiety over everything, not just pregnancy. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Just to say, I totally feel you & I’ve had this too. Hit 36 weeks & was super done with being pregnant, very emotional, super low energy, anxious & struggling to find motivation to get anything done. I vaguely remember this from my last pregnancy & think it must be hormonal & also just knowing we are about to go through a huge change. 🤍

Going through this too at 37+2

I'm exactly the same. I literally have days where I cry ALL day for no particular reason at all. Just pure exhausted at this point I think xx

Completely normal! My midwife said hormones go a bit nuts again towards the end hence all the feels. I definitely find I’m more sensitive after a night of waking up loads so usually have to take myself off for naps here and there!

yeahhhh crying over small things, feeling overwhelmed and defensive and frustrated lol.

I’m 33 weeks and I’m the same, and massive crying waves! 🫣 I am worrying about everything xx

I’m 34 weeks and exactly the same. Crying on and off and tearful. Also really anxious and overwhelmed about everything xxx

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