would you be letting some watch your kid after this?

for context, I was at work till 9 & they didn’t have a car seat and wanted to take my kid somewhere.. I said ABSOLUTELY NOT. If you were going to be going places with her you should’ve asked for a car seat before I left her with you. This is a family member btw.
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True. My parents bought a booster for my niece cuz they're always taking her places. I understand boosters are cheaper but still, either ask for a car seat or buy one 🤷‍♀️

@Favi exactly! They were saying they were just gonna sit in the back with her not in a car seat and go slow.. like wtf

That's irresponsible to do and very dangerous because they can get pulled over and it will be driver's fault for endangering the passengers in vehicle.

Never again

I would, just leave the car seat next time they watch your child🤷🏽‍♀️ I always leave the car seat whether someone is watching my girl for 30 minutes or overnight. You never know if they will need it

This has to be a joke 🫣🥴 I would lose my mind! My husband and I still haven’t let anyone else (family or not) drive our daughter. If they want to see her, they come to us or we go to them. I’m too paranoid about someone not installing the car seat correctly or buckling her in correctly. THIS would make me wanna never let them watch her again 😭

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