I stood up this morning and a moderate amount of clear fluid started running down my legs

This happened a few days ago, my midwife said to put on a pad and if I soak it in an hour call back. So today when that happened I put on a pad and it hasn’t happened again. But I keep reading your water can break a bit then stop , although rare.. it just keeps happening it never happened with my son! I’m 37+4 today. Anyone else having this super thin discharge? Last week I kept having a lot of thick jelly like discharge looking like my mucus plug. Like is labour coming soon?! Idk what to think cause the midwife doesn’t seem concerned. I’m gbs + so I know if my water breaks I have less time, so I’m concerned.. idk why she doesn’t say come in and we’ll test the fluid at least.. I hate it when they are so nonchalant. Idk why not be safe than sorry.. anyways that’s my rant lol Anyone else experience this before?? Did you go into labour?
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I had this happen this morning and don’t have answers yet either 😭

I had a slow leak for a few days before my last kid

Yes I am experiencing this right now as I type everything you saying I tested myself with the strips it was blue now that I’m in labor and delivery it wanna stop I’m confused smh , I’m having constant contractions tho every 4-5 mins and it did wet my pants and socks and shoes but now stop

@Sheikess omg sounds like you’re in labour !! Good luck so exciting!

So I just got back from my midwife appointment the test for amniotic fluid was negative thankfully! I guess I’m just having a tonnn of discharge ?! Wild. But I’m 2-3 cm dilated now 🤯 so any day maybe? Wow

Thankyou we’ll see 😮‍💨😔

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