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Hello, I had an emergency c section last month and have asked to have a post birth debrief to talk about what happened. Has anyone had this before? I was told it’ll be at 6 weeks and I’m 4 weeks PP now. Does anyone know when this gets booked it and how this happens? Do I need to ring or will they contact me? Thank you!!
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I’ve literally just had mine for my birth 4 months ago, I had it come through for 8 weeks but it was too soon for me. Personally I’ve found it useless in lots of respects as their version doesn’t quite match up to mine. They will ring/email you though and they go through your notes from your booking appt to the end of birth. Hope you are okay x

They can be pretty slow. I had 2 midwives and my health visitor request mine so might be worth getting one of them to chase as well for you I got a phone call to confirm mine last year. And it was held in a room in the antenatal clinic x

I was meant to have one at 6 weeks however they still haven’t contacted me and I’m now nearly 8 weeks postpartum… the midwife told me they contact me! Xx

I had to push for mine to be booked, I would ask midwife or health visitor to follow up if you aren’t having any luck with an appointment x

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