Birth control shot

anyone get the depo shot? my first period lasted 10-11 days 😭😭 now i got my period again 12 days after my last period ended. what the hell my ob said majority of people don’t even get periods at first but she did not mention they’d be more common or last damn near two weeks💀 my periods before pregnancy would last about 5 days max and would be every 30 days so this is very strange 😩
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When I had gotten that I never stopped bleeding it was constant for 6 months! My advice is that when you are due for your next shot maybe look into other options

I was on it for 15 years before coming off and having my little one. I have my appointment to go back on it in 2 weeks. I’ve never had any issues with it but everyone’s different x

They can take a few shots to settle. Irregular bleeding is a side effect unfortunately. Same as most HBC.

Depo made me bleed like crazy. Heavy enough and long enough they had to give me blood and give me meds to stop it while the shot wore off.

I think u should know the depo shot weakens bone density/ gives higher risk for osteoporosis. I googled it and it literally says that for depo shot. Some effects come later in life for others. I see im dealing with those effects now sadly. I was given it in January after my son was born i haven’t stopped bleeding since.

@Alizzabeth (Maggie) same fle me right now. I gave birth in January when i got it 2 days later. Its may and i am STILL bleeding. I actually regret it.

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