Does anybody else really struggle with this time of day? I feels so daunting that the nighttime is ahead and honestly I feel like I just need the biggest cry to try and get through. I’m not sure if I can do this.
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I just said this to my mum! Witching hour Sleep refusal Night grunting


It gets easier. That's what I keep telling myself. In a few months we won't even remember how difficult this period is. We just need to survive each day

I feel the same! I get the witching hour too! My husband is also working nights so doing it alone! I keep telling myself it’s not forever and I’ll miss her being this little! You’re not alone and you can do this!

Nighttime scaries - get yourself cosy as early as you can, stay hydrated and fave snacks and just ride it out. Once routines come into play I find the predictably lessens the anxiety but it's totally normal to feel like this ❤️

I'm experiencing this now with baby number 2 . The only thing that's getting me through is knowing that this period does end eventually, having done it before. However it's still a real struggle!

I ended up in tears last night 😢

@Hayley I’m so sorry to hear this. What I’ve learnt from sharing my feeling is that you really aren’t alone, so many people feeling this way. I just hope things will get easier for us all. Take care of yourself. ❤️

You too 🧸🤎

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