Cramping/ligament pain!

Hi all, Just a quick one I’ve been having light cramping on both sides of my lower abdomen! On and off throughout the day! Early pregnancy told me to monitor it but probably just ligament pain and everything moving around! Anyone else had this?
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I’ve had this for the past few days x

@Rheo it’s really worrying me but I assume it is just everything moving and growing!

It’s your uterus expanding, if it hurts too much check to see if you can get buscopan as a suppository to help with pain relief x

@Joanne Thankyou for this ☺️ put my mind at ease x

@Courtney yeah it did worry me a little but I think it’s normal. As long as it’s not accompanied with bleeding and and not soo painful that you think you need hospital I think it’s fine x

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