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How many days DPO are you?

Sasha no idea . Irregular periods , my age , perimenopause can cause false positives I'm told

Yes, you carry HCG when approaching menopause. What did the doctor say?

@Yog havnt got appointment yet . Can't make 1 till I'm off work , took holidays at beginning of June

@Kirstie if it’s stressing you, you can make a triage request and ask for a menopause test, pick up blood forms and do a walk-in blood test and then you have results to discuss at an appointment. There’s a reason why you are taking so many tests so it must be on your mind. Xx

No it's not stressing me at all , fascinated and curious with the tests yes x

Have you done a menopause test? If that’s positive and you have lots of faint pos hcg it’s likely that the irregular periods and those tests would suggest early stages of menopause instead of pregnancy x

@Joanna yes she got a really strong postive for menopause test ,and has had faint lines on pregnancy tests for weeks now ,I'm pretty sure when you on set for menopause you can have false positive pregnancy tests as the hormone responsible is a similar hormone to what chemicals in pregnancy such as FSH can become high which can cause false positives,when usually this process takes two years and she hasnt had a period for about 3 months so i feel like the chance's are low but definitely not non existent ♥️it's about 5%

@Kirstie that’s good! I felt like there was a lot of tests going on for chill vibes. Well-being is everything. I hope you get confirmation when it’s possible with your work schedule etc. Good luck!

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