Curd milk spit up

My 4 weeks Lo is on breast milk exclusively. Recently she has started spitting up little amount of curd like milk after feeds even after burps. Mostly in an hour time after feed. What could be causing it and how can I avoid it from happening? I also put her in upright position for 15-20mins
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My 2 week old seems to be the same also breastfed. My assumption has been that it's milk coming up from the stomach so its mixed with stomach acid to create the lumpy bits. I've not spoken to a pro about it yet mostly coz I keep forgetting too

Following, my son has been doing this and I keep him up for ages. I’ve assumed it’s reflux & just try to keep him upright as long as I can after feeds

My LO is 3 weeks old and does this. I've been using Infocol before every feed and it seems to have helped dramatically. She will V V occasionally bring up posset if she's had a big feed x

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