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When did you take your baby to get their first haircut. My son is only 2 months and my in laws keep saying to cut his hair since it getting long but I told them I was waiting until he was a year old. 😅
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we carefully buzzed off my sons hair at 2-3 months old but that was bc his hairline was growing super weird and he looked like a grandpa. he didn’t freak out over the sound of the buzzer so it was easy. if he was scared of the noise we wouldn’t have done it.

Wait until you’re ready. My mom waited until my baby brother was 1 year to shave him bc she was concerned about his soft spot on his head. I’m thinking I’ll wait just as long for my little one too.

but it’s YOUR child. if you don’t want to cut it yet, don’t. especially if he isn’t yanking his hair out or something negative

I'm a hair stylist and I think the youngest I've cut is a little over 1-year-old but it's definitely up to you!

I'm waiting until my son is either 1 or 2 to trim his hair. I'm being told by everyone including his deadbeat sperm donor of a father telling me to cut his hair but nope I won't do it

I'm waiting to have my little one's hair cut until he turns one and his hair is pretty long. We just part his hair to the side for now.

Me and my husband agreed to wait till he was a year old to do any sort of cutting. We plan to just get it trimmed at 6mths so it’s not in his face otherwise we aren’t doing anything drastic or shaving his head completely till the little is old enough to say he wants it done. Just simple trims to get the ‘dead ends’ if he has any and to keep it out of his face. My grandmother and mom have a problem with it bc they say he’ll look like a girl but like I told them, “If he’s not ur child, you don’t get a say”

Btw, he’s almost 3mths now and has about 3-4 inches worth of growth

I waited until after my son was 1 to get his first haircut, he was a lil over 13mo. You cut it when you're ready. His hair was grunt long and it was crazy, but I kinda miss it bc now he looks like such a big boy without his baby hair! 😫 lol

1 yr old but I've heard some people do it younger, it helped his hair grow more thicker and curly, I don't see no harm in it

@Sharnee your sons hair is so beautiful 😍

Thank you ❤️

1 year.. my son has really straight asian hair with the round shape but his sides were poking him so we did a little trim

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